• Technical Specification
• Procurement Support
• Software Development
• Vendor Management

Technical Specification

We produce precise and accurate specifications. Transaction systems can be complex; imprecise or inaccurate specifications can lead to downstream problems that are costly to solve. We stop that from happening by getting things right from the start. Our detailed knowledge of the core standards in the field of secure transactions (e.g. EMV and NFC, SIM toolkit and tokenisation) means we hit the ground running.

Procurement Support

We know how to prepare effective RFPs so that clients get the systems that they need at the right price and they get the support that they need to deliver effective services to their own customers. We have helped to prepare RFPs for some of the biggest deployments in the world.

Software Development

Our combination of full-time developers and experienced consultants with the business knowledge to steer development efficiently means that we can provide agile solutions in demanding circumstances.

Vendor Management

Our experience with mass-market solutions means that we can effectively manage multiple large vendors to bring in solutions on time and on budget. We can do this when the milestones are set by nature (e.g. the start of the rainy season!) or by client timescales.


CHYP USA is a Consult Hyperion company

Our Process

We help our clients bridge the gap between business and technology by providing practical and impartial advice at all stages in a project life cycle, from the conceptual phase through to completion.

The four stages are:
Define > Design > Develop > Deploy

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