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What should a secure identity management scheme for the 21st century look like? by Dave Birch (3 July 2012)

Dave Birch explores the concept of a 'Psychic ID' and sees if modern technology can help bring his futuristic vision to reality.

'A Touchy Subject' - Are Contactless Smart Cards insecure? by John Elliott (June 2012)

There are increasingly frequent claims that contactless smart payment cards are insecure because they can be read while in your pocket or wallet. Can this really be true?

Digital Pickpocketing: An industry born from scaremongering by John Elliott (22 June 2012)

Is the threat of contactless cards fact or fiction?

Open Payments in Public Transport now a reality thanks to new bank-issued contactless cards. By John Elliott (24 January 2012)

Experiences of designing an Open Payment system in London highlights some of the key issues involved for other global transit operators thinking of moving to similar card-based systems.


When NFC met Gaming: the new technology blurring the line between gaming and reality (15 December 2011)

A growing number of gamers will soon be able to benefit from NFC technology, says Dave Birch.

Transport Ticketing enters the modern age by John Elliott (15 November 2011)

Passengers will soon benefit from greater convenience, security and value as TfL prepares to launch contactless bank card ticketing.

Can NFC technology help to move us closer to a Smart eHealthcare system? by Raymond Lee (15 August 2011)

How can advancements in smartphone and NFC technology lead the way to significant improvements in service and cost savings in managing Domiciliary Care and its payment scheme?

Real and virtual - from e-commerce to m-commerce to f-commerce by Dave Birch (8 August 2011)

Payments are being changed forever as we go online. Games and social networks are giving us some clues as to what the future holds, but it helps to understand history too.

Juniper Research interview with John Elliott of Consult Hyperion (24 July 2011)

What is NFC? by Dave Birch (24 July 2011)

An overview of Near Field Communication technology.

NFC in the Real World by John Elliott & Dave Birch (24 July 2011)

"Contactless" technology is finally ready for the mass market.

Where will tickets go next? By Dave Birch (31 May 2011)

Dave Birch discusses how contactless smart tickets will not only help anti-counterfeiting, but open up a whole new world of benefits.

NFC Threats by Dick Clark (17 May 2011)

Along with NFC comes new opportunities for fraud. This paper provides an insight into the technology and the services that are expected to be deployed through NFC and gives a high-level review of the information security risks associated with the NFC device, along with an introduction to the countermeasures expected to be embedded in the services.

Biometric authentication begins to gain momentum (18 April 2011)

Some exciting developments are currently underway in access control and ePassports, but is this technology ready to support payments?

Parking enters the electronic age (25 January 2011)

The technology that supports innovative payment schemes for parking is developing at a rapid rate. Could cashless convenience soon be a reality for car drivers everywhere?


NFC - Bridging Technologies by Dave Birch (14 September 2010)

These are the technologies for adding NFC capabilities to consumer equipment without having NFC chipsets integrated into that equipment.

The Trusted Service Manager (TSM) by Raymond Lee (3 September 2010)

The role of the TSM - explained.

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