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On February 25, 2015, we ran our latest Bootcamp titled “Mobile Commerce through a Payment Lens: What do Apple Pay, NFC, HCE, and BLE Mean for My Business?”

The world of mobile payments, security, identity and commerce can be a blur of technology acronyms when what you want to know is “How can I use this for my business?”

As Cathy McCabe of luxury retail brand Jaeger argues in a recent podcast with Dave Birch, payments need to disappear into commerce.

Our latest event helped business owners clear the blur in a one-day boot camp where we took a small group through these technologies, explaining what they can do and helping them understand how they can further their business objectives.


The agenda included:

• Plain-English explanations what each acronym means and what it does

• Adding in-store, online and in-app payment to your mobile strategy

• Data security with EMV and tokenisation

• Example of current and planned uses of technologies

• Where does Apple Pay leave Android users? You’ll see how to integrate store brand or co-brand cards into an Android app

• Demonstrations of working apps for mobile devices

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