Consult Hyperion’s Annual Forum

The event has run successfully for 20 years but this year we’ve seen a significant shift in attendee interest in to more specific areas of focus – our normal format of 4 sessions over two days seems to get lost in the current environment of ‘mega’ events. We believe we will gain more traction with a new format that matches our overall outreach campaign.
Over the next month or so we will be looking to secure a number of venues for smaller breakfast briefings supported by repeatable webinars and our ever popular podcasts.

Beyond this annual event, the debate continues at our “Tomorrow’s Transactions” blog where thought leadership on digital money and digital identity is combined with comment and practical reflection, and our “Tomorrow’s Transactions” podcast series (also available via iTunes).


CHYP USA is a Consult Hyperion company

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We help our clients bridge the gap between business and technology by providing practical, impartial advice at all stages in a project life cycle, from the conceptual
phase through to completion. We help organisations evaluate, prototype and design new business concepts, develop new products and services and test and certify complex systems using advanced techniques and fully-automated robotic test management.

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