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Cut high KYC costs and reduce fraud risk: A blockchain -based solution

The current costs of know your customer (KYC) are exorbitant. It has been estimated that an average bank ill spend $60 million annually ...

Digital Identity: Issue Analysis Executive Summary

Digital identity is emerging as a cross–cutting issue for many organisations including Omidyar Network (ON).

Digital Identity: Issue Analysis Report

Digital identity is widely recognised as being of strategic importance to the future of digital services. It has the potential to ...

Consult Hyperion announce the launch of the TeMS Cash-Based Transfer service

We are pleased to announce the launch of Consult Hyperion’s TAP e-Money Service (TeMS), a robust, low cost “closed loop” electronic ...

Two global “top 10” testaments to Consult Hyperion’s expertise and experience

Consult Hyperion's Director of Innovation, David Birch, been named in two rather interesting global “top 10” lists! According to "PR ...

Consult Hyperion in the News:

Report – GDPR: Banks, Breaches, & Billion Euro Fines

The European Financial Services Data Breach and GDPR Fine Forecast The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation ...

Digital Identity: An opportunity for Financial Services

Identification and verification have always been at the heart of financial services and payments, which is even more the case in the ...

Riding the rails: Chicago’s route to a cardless transit payment system

The commuter of the future will hold out a smartphone to get on a train or bus without worrying about losing a transit card or lining ...

Anti-money laundering, know your customer, and curbing the financing of terrorism

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations are complex issues that require concerted action across all market ...

Can incumbents innovate any more?

Innovation is one of the few ways to sustain competitive advantage over time. But can incumbent banks and payment companies truly ...

Payment Community Engagement in the Development of the EMV Specifications Increases

EMVCo welcomes 25 new organisations to it participation programme

Internationally recognised Fintech consultancy partners with Nordic start-­up

The world's most capable team of experts in the field of digital payments and digital identity solutions is assembled in Consult Hyperion.

Are contactless payments beating cash?

A plethora of payment methods has bombarded retailers and consumers alike, but while providers battle for supremacy, simplicity at the ...

Will the North teach the South a smart ticketing lesson?

While the South East may be struggling with flexible ticketing, the North is forging ahead with both short-term and long-term plans for ...

Intel Conducting Experiments to Massively Scale Blockchain

Speaking at the Tomorrow’s Transactions conference in London this week, Kelly Olson, director of the distributed ledger technology ...

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