The Consult Hyperion Associate Programme

What the programme means to our clients:

Our Associate Programme was established in 2005 with the purpose of providing a flexible and skilled workforce to add capacity for larger projects and to provide specific expertise peripheral to our own when needed.

All of our associates are thoroughly screened and vetted and have the advantage of bringing the support and knowledge of Consult Hyperion to every job they do.

We are very proud of our programme and believe that it brings a number of benefits to you as a client and to our associates.

Benefits to clients:

– We can provide continuity over various projects by working with the same associates on multiple jobs.

– Our associates aren’t just random people, we aim to build relationships and trust with them so you can be sure that the work they do is consistent and meets our high standards.

– As we will already be involved with a project when we call on our associates, we will be well positioned to know exactly what skills we need and who would best suit the job.

Our associates have experience in one or more of the following areas:

– Smart Cards
– Identity Management
– Government
– Transport
– NFC: Biometrics
– EMV: Information Security
– Payments
– Cryptography and Telecommunications

If you are interested in applying to become an associate, please email your CV to:

CHYP USA is a Consult Hyperion company

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