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“We help Business Principals who want to explore opportunities for rapid exploitation of transaction infrastructure”


Who you are

You are aware of the changing organisational environment and want to know what these changes mean to the propositions and services that your business offers customers.

The challenges you face

You need to exploit new technology without going down blind alleys and you need to manage competition for resources within the organisation against market pressures.

How we can help

We can help you to build your roadmap so that you can navigate your organisation to the appropriate opportunities.

Our skills are in mass-market and population-scale opportunities so we understand how to identify products and services that are scalable and accessible to all, not just the early adopters.

We are widely-acknowledged thought leaders in the transactions technology market so you can be sure our understanding of the environment, the market and the technology will help you to make the right decisions.

Business Principles

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We research, innovate, advise and support at all levels

We work for clients around the world, from Singapore to Italy and from Ireland to the USA, helping them get to market with systems that work at scale, implementing successful business models in support of organisational strategy. Having worked for transaction trailblazers including London’s Oyster, Hong Kong’s smart identity card, Kenya’s M-PESA and Italy’s contactless EMV, our record speaks for itself.

Come and meet us
at these events:


We are speaking at:

Biometrics Congress

  Wed 17 Oct 2018 - Thu 18 Oct 2018, London

We are speaking at:

Money 2020 USA

  Sun 21 Oct 2018 - Wed 24 Oct 2018, Las Vegas

We are speaking at:

Internet of Banking & Payments

  Tue 20 Nov 2018 - Wed 21 Nov 2018, London

We are speaking at:


  Tue 27 Nov 2018 - Thu 29 Nov 2018, Cannes
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