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“We help Project Leaders who have to deliver reliable digital transaction platforms”


Who you are

You have been charged by your organisation to lead a team in a project that will change that organisation.

The challenges you face

You will undoubtedly have to keep to a strict time frame and budget.

It is unlikely your organisation will have the particular specialists needed.

You will need to be sure that any external organisations you choose to support your project can hit the ground running with the relevant expertise, practical approach and structured thinking that the project needs.

How we can help

We can offer the unique, specialist resources required for your project, providing the tailored knowledge and expertise you need on the spot, backed up by a wealth of experience.

Project Leaders

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We research, innovate, advise and support at all levels

We work for clients around the world, from Singapore to Italy and from Ireland to the USA, helping them get to market with systems that work at scale, implementing successful business models in support of organisational strategy. Having worked for transaction trailblazers including London’s Oyster, Hong Kong’s smart identity card, Kenya’s M-PESA and Italy’s contactless EMV, our record speaks for itself.

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We are speaking at:

Money2020 USA

  Sun 27 Oct 2019 - Wed 30 Oct 2019, The Venetian, Las Vegas

We are speaking at:

Money2020 China

  Wed 4 Dec 2019 - Fri 6 Dec 2019, Hangzhou
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