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Contactless innovation at CHYP Towers

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Over at CHYP Towers in New York, my colleague Simon Laker has created a new personal payment mechanism: his do-it-yourelf contactless credit card. Here is his unexpurgated report from the USA today.

[Simon Laker] I received my new Citi credit card this week, the second one since opening the account about six weeks ago, and it lacked some of the comforting features we all know and well, loathe…

citi card front

No embossing at all, no PAN and no expiry state. It’s all round the back

citi card rear

Very modern. But it is not a contactless card, which is a shame, but… wait, it comes with a solution to that…

citi sticker

Yes, a sticker! (Which, as we all know, is the future. Ed.)

However, given that I have this card installed on ApplePay – what should I do with the sticker?

I can think of only one practical use…..


My very own homemade contactless card!

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