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• Prototyping
• Requirements Analysis
• Risk Analysis
• System Architecture


We build real prototypes, no “smoke and mirrors”. Our clients need to see that transactional solutions are practical in context and not merely theoretical. That means we build prototypes that work, prototypes that can be tested and measured and characterised to provide crucial inputs to development.

Requirements Analysis

We catalogue and analyse business requirements. We are well versed in elucidating organisational requirements, constraints and goals. We understand how to analyse requirements to design engineering solutions and what’s more, we understand how to do this at mass-market scale.

Risk Analysis

We have a tried and tested structured methodology for risk analysis for transactional systems that has been applied to systems as diverse as clearing and settlement, smart meters and even a manned space mission! With years of experience behind us, we guide clients to optimise countermeasure expenditure and to deliver safe, secure solutions into a dangerous marketplace.

System Architecture

We design mass-market transaction systems that meet the requirements of all of the stakeholders. Whether it is a national identity scheme, transit fare collection in big cities or electronic payment systems that are used millions of times every day, we have the track record to give clients confidence.


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Our Process

We help our clients bridge the gap between business and technology by providing practical and impartial advice at all stages in a project life cycle, from the conceptual phase through to completion.

The four stages are:
Define > Design > Develop > Deploy

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Biometrics Congress

  Wed 17 Oct 2018 - Thu 18 Oct 2018, London

We are speaking at:

Money 2020 USA

  Sun 21 Oct 2018 - Wed 24 Oct 2018, Las Vegas

We are speaking at:

Internet of Banking & Payments

  Tue 20 Nov 2018 - Wed 21 Nov 2018, London

We are speaking at:


  Tue 27 Nov 2018 - Thu 29 Nov 2018, Cannes
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