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Consult Hyperion helped Diners Club International rationalize its suite of corporate card reporting and management tools to create more effective and holistic support for DCI end users.



Consult Hyperion completed a lengthy engagement for DCI in 2014. The project consisted of working with DCI to identify and specify the critical business requirements for a third party to issue Diners Club Corporate Cards. We specifically investigated the requirements for the portal and associated tools. The issuer in this case was Barclaycard and we worked extensively with both parties.

Consult Hyperion was well suited to undertake this new analysis, having worked closely with DCI on previous initiatives. Because this project involved the design of a new portal in collaboration with a European bank, Consult Hyperion worked closely with DCI’s product managers and executives to understand how various DCI products could be leveraged in the development of this new portal. Given our prior experience, knowledge and strong working relationship with the team, we were ideally suited to undertake this project. With that in mind, when DCI decided to look outward to assess internal tools, Consult Hyperion was the obvious choice.


The Diners Club product suite consists of a robust set of tools which their Franchisees and Corporate Customers can use to manage their DCI branded corporate cards, including MIS, Boarding, Sales Enablement, File Services, Secure Messaging, and Card-member Services. Diners Club wanted to undertake a third party evaluation of these tools to assess their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate which are the most critical to DCI’s success. DCI also wanted to understand how their tools were used and viewed by various stakeholders (Issuers, Franchisees, End-Users), as well as how they meet the requirements of the end-user.

Due to the substantial competition for multinational corporations and large enterprises as clients, DCI has refocused its strategy to target small and medium sized businesses. All analysis was undertaken through this lens, with the goal of creating a world-class product roadmap for serving these SMBs.

Our Approach

Consult Hyperion outlined a multi-phased approach consisting of tools analysis, competitive landscape and stakeholder interviews.

The Phases are outlined in greater detail below:

Looking inward at current tools and establishing a baseline for existing product set:

Consult Hyperion worked hand-in-hand with the DCI team members to gain deep understanding and insight to the tools. We were set-up with user IDs and had access to a real end-to-end demo of all relevant systems, as experienced by current customers. In addition we organized a series of internal interviews to allow for information gathering and knowledge sharing from product managers for each major product within DCI.

We examined RFPs and responses from DCI to corporations, allowing the Consult Hyperion team to get a first-hand look into customer requirements and current offerings.

Analysis: End-to-End DCI Product Assessment:

Consult Hyperion reviewed, accessed and analyzed the current DCI product suite. This included:

• Mapping and providing feedback on the overall architecture

• Providing a high-level description of each component system, including a definition of the key functions and features.

Consult Hyperion analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each product, along with making an assessment of which were most critical to DCI and their franchises going forward.

Identifying these issues and gaps in the current architecture enabled us to provide a detailed mapping of information and data flows between the DCI systems. This high level description of current interfaces including purpose and type (e.g. web service, batch file, etc) allowed DCI to determine the relevance of each product and determine the value of these products to both their end users and franchisees.

The output from this stage of the project consisted of process flows, mapping of product features, strengths of existing systems, any apparent issues or areas for improvement, and preliminary other findings.

Competitive analysis

Consult Hyperion was asked to undertake a comparative analysis of the competitor product offerings at American Express, Visa and MasterCard from publically available information. The goal of this analysis was to understand the major gaps between DCI’s product-suite to that of its major competitors, as well as the places where DCI has superior products and functionality.

There were several fundamental questions that needed to be answered:

• What are the major products and product features offered by AmEx/Visa/MC in the commercial card business?

• How do their offerings differ for large corporations vs. small-medium businesses?

• What are the major selling points used by these competitors in pushing these products to new franchises and end-customers?

• What are the major gaps between the DCI product suite and that of its competitors?

• What are the major strengths of the DCI product suite over that of its competitors, which can be leveraged in sales efforts?

• What are the subset of the overall features offered by the competitive products that are most relevant to the customers that DCI serves?

We developed a set of visualizations to represent where DCI sits based on initial agreed upon criteria. We shared these findings using a variety of formats including 2X2 matrixes, Venn diagrams and a SWOT analysis.

At this point in the project, it was critical that that we focused on validating the findings of the prior stages with key stakeholders from across the DCI ecosystem, including Franchisees, Issuers and End-Customers. We worked closely with DCI to identify a list of target interviewees and set up the conversations. Prior to the interviews, we developed an interview guide, which was shared with and approved by the DCI project team. We used a semi-structured approach to this type of qualitative primary research, allowing us to have a structure while enabling themes to develop within the interview as they progressed.

High Level Product and Recommendations

Based on the findings in aggregate, Consult Hyperion developed a high-level product roadmap along with recommendations for DCI going forward. This included a rationalization of which existing products are most critical, and included recommendations for which products can be ‘end-of-lifed’ or rolled into others. We developed a migration and communication plan for those third parties affected.

We delivered our findings over a two day period where all of the product team and most of the senior leadership was in attendance. The information was extraordinarily well received and resulted in an invitation for our US Managing Director to join the exec team in Prague to present the findings of the project at the DCI Worldwide Franchisees meeting.

Why Consult Hyperion?

Consult Hyperion had previously done work for DCI on a number of projects. As part of one project, we analyzed a subset of the tools that were reviewed during this process. This project was highly strategic and not deeply technical. We spent many hours with the DCI team demonstrating to them we had the strategic insight to deliver a successful project. At the conclusion, we had a very satisfied client and the project was concluded on time and within the agreed upon budget.

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