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Groundhog Day on my laptop

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The nearest small mammal to hand, our cat, feigns disinterest. However, from her appearance next to my keyboard, I confidently predict six more years of crap “security” for online services.

Hey, it was Groundhog Day yesterday. Well, it certainly was on my laptop.

Step 1. Click on link to web site.

Step 2. Enter password.

Password is incorrect, as always, so I may as well have gone directly to…

Step 3. Click on password reset link.

Web site tells me it has sent an e-mail. The e-mail doesn’t arrive, so…

Step 4. E-mail IT chap to see if password reset e-mail has been trapped in our anti-spam filter.

It had, so he unclogs the filter and the e-mail arrives so that I can

Step 5. Click on link to reset password.

Step 6. Enter new password.

Web site tells me I can’t have it, because it has to have a capital letter, a number and a special character chosen from a list of special characters. It’s hardly surprising I can’t remember it. But I have a bash at ThisSucks%.

Step 7. I can’t change the password to what it already is. Aha! So that’s what my password was! But now I have to chose another one.

I have a bash at something else and that is accepted.

Step 8. Go back to home page.

Step 9. Log in to web site using new password.

Great, it worked. I log in. Then a couple of weeks later, on Groundhog Day 2015, I need to go back to the web site and look something up. And then, it goes without saying, is the inevitable…

Step 9. Forget password again.

Yep. Groundhog Day.


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