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“We help non-profit organisations deliver electronic vouchers in areas with limited electricity and mobile networks”

In 2014 Consult Hyperion successfully delivered and operate the first implementation of the Token Administation Platform (TAP), which was used by our partners IFDC ( to register and distribute electronic vouchers to more than 500,000 subsistence farmers in Nigeria’s FCT and Sokoto states over a 12 week period. The e-vouchers (restricted cash) were distrubted as part of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Development’s Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) and provided farmers with subsidies on fertiliser, seeds and other agriculture inputs.



At its peak, the TAP platform allowed IFDC to register in excess of 10,000 farmers a day. Designed to operate in regions with limited access to electricity and mobile networks, it combined NFC-enabled mobile device with smartcards, with considered best practice from within the global retail payments industry.



In response to the demand from humanitarian and financial service organizations for low cost secure distribution systems for e-vouchers and e-cash, Consult Hyperion has extended the functionality of the TAP platform to distribute and manage the use of cash-like e-money. This extension, called the TAP Electronic Money Service (TeMS).

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