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At its peak, the TAP platform allowed IFDC to register in excess of 10,000 farmers a day. Designed to operate in regions with limited access to electricity and mobile networks, it combined NFC-enabled mobile devices and smartcards, with considered best practice from within the global retail payments industry. Its success was due to:

Simple user interfaces within the
Registration and Redemption applications which:

  • Minimised user error during the collection of information about the farmer, including the secure capture of their identity
  • Facilitated the employment of young semi-skilled individuals as registrars, and gave them experience of using of IT in the workplace
  • Minimised the level of training required by such individuals

The logging of all stakeholder interactions (time, location and individual) with the data stored within the system, which minimised the number of Field Officers required to manage Registrars and Merchants as:

  • Individuals’ activities could be monitored remotely and retraining prescribed when individuals were seen to be using the system incorrectly
  • Potentially fraudulent activities, such as generating records out of normal business hours, could be identified and dealt with accordingly
  • Reports on the use of the system, e.g. numbers of farmers registered and vouchers redeemed, could be delivered in near to real-time
Human Powered Mesh Networking, which facilitated the secure transfer of data between the central TAP Back Office and areas with no connectivity, such as a village on the Niger border, within 2 days. Data was passed between the Registrar, Merchant and Field Officers’ tablets until one of the tablets was able to connect to and synchronise with the TAP Back Office.
To minimise the impact of losing a tablet:
  • All data stored in the tablets was encrypted, with access controlled by a system of smartcards provided to IFDC field staff and the GES-TAP programme management team
  • No data was deleted until the destination (TAP Back Office, field staff or merchant tablet) had acknowledged receipt
  • Data was shared between field staff tablets in the same locality

The in-field TAP equipment consists of an Android tablet equipped with the relevant TAP app, together with a solar charger and two batteries (one always on charge via the solar panel, the other available for charging the Android tablet).

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