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In response to the demand from humanitarian and financial service organizations for low cost secure distribution systems for e-vouchers and e-cash, Consult Hyperion has extended the functionality of the TAP platform to distribute and manage the use of cash-like e-money.
This extension, called the TAP Electronic Money Service (TeMS):

  • Brings best practice from within the global retail payments industry into the distribution of e-cash services in areas with limited access to electricity, mobile and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Makes use of EMV-compatible technology to deliver secure low cost distribution platforms for e-cash without the transaction costs levied by the international payment schemes.
  • Is designed to operate on Android mobile phones and tablets which the Merchant or e-Money Scheme can purchase in their local market.
  • Makes use, wherever possible, of incountry resources to tailor the programme to meet local requirements, encouraging local application developers to engage with the e-Money Scheme and benefit from their presence in the community.
  • Operates offline in areas of no or limited interconnection.
  • Operates off-grid, using solar charging.
  • Facilitates the rapid delivery of consistent and robust e-voucher and e-cash programmes across multiple geographic regions or countries.

Compliance with international financial regulations is driven through both the operation of the TeMS platform and a set of robust operating processes which support its operation, all building on Consult Hyperion’s recognised expertise in the design and implementation of international payments networks and experience in worldwide payment regulations. However all elements of the service can be tailored, within pre-agreed limits, by the e-Money Scheme to meet the needs of their local market, for example:

  • APIs, SDKs and Implementation Guides provide in-country developers with the information that they need to modify the user interface within the TeMS applications – language, scheme and merchant branding, item list (SKU), etc.
  • Processes can be amended to meet the requirements of the national government or local regulators.

The platform can be linked to local retail banking and mobile money services, to facilitate the settlement and reconciliation of funds owed to the Merchants, as well as Cash-In, Cash-Out services via the Merchant or Customer’s bank or mobile

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