Hyperlab is our technical practice of IT professionals, highly skilled in various forms of development (application, web, mobile and embedded), testing, certification, systems design and systems administration.

Our team is experienced in taking functional specifications and requirements through a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), placing significant focus on security, testing and client feedback to ensure everything stays on track with our clients’ requirements and timescale.

The Hyperlab team has considerable experience working with new technologies and specifications still undergoing change. They can provide detailed feedback to the client about the suitability and capability of technologies and business concepts to be implemented in the real world.


The diagram visualises the user-centric model we focus on throughout all of our work. It outlines our four core components – connectivity, usability, security and identity – and some of the many technologies, components and concepts we use on a regular basis.

Our Hyperlab practice is led by Mike Nance-Kivell.

CHYP USA is a Consult Hyperion company

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Our Expertise

We are an independent technical and strategic consultancy, providing a wide range of skills and services to help our clients achieve their goals and gain valuable knowledge about the digital transactions industry.

“We help Telecoms and Technology companies who need sophisticated identity and value management techniques”Tell Me More!

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