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Two global “top 10” testaments to Consult Hyperion’s expertise and experience

Consult Hyperion’s Director of Innovation, David Birch, been named in two rather interesting global “top 10” lists! According to “PR Daily”, the top ten Twitter accounts that innovators follow are:

  1. Richard Branson (@richardbranson), founder of Virgin Group
  2. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca), entrepreneur, investor and software engineer
  3. Benedict Evans (@benedictevans), partner at Andreessen Horowitz
  4. Glen Gilmore (@GlenGilmore), attorney and principle of Gilmore Business Network
  5. Scott Kirsner (@ScottKirsner), Boston Globe columnist, and editor of Innovation Leader
  6. Henry Blodget (@hblodget), editor, founder and CEO of Business Insider
  7. Bill Gates (@BillGates), co-founder of Microsoft
  8. Andrew McAfee (@amcafee), director of the Center for Digital Business at MIT’s Sloan School of Management
  9. Sam Maule (@sammaule), manager at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group and chief inspiration officer at Digital Finance Institute;and
  10. David Birch (@dgwbirch), director of innovation at Consult Hyperion.

[From Study: What inspires innovators on Twitter | Articles | Home]

For the Director of Innovation at a small company based in Guildford to appear on the same list as Bill Gates is a terrific testament to Consult Hyperion’s work in electronic payments, digital identity, transit ticketing and financial inclusion. As David Birch says

I’m sure that most people who know me will realise that the only reason I can communicate so effectively about innovation is because of the team we have at Consult Hyperion who are actually doing it! From finding ways to use bank cards on the Tube in London to issuing electronic vouchers to farmers in Nigeria, our people have a well-earned reputation for using new technology to solve real business problems.

One of the market sectors most affected by innovation around secure electronic transactions, Consult Hyperion specialist field of expertise, is of course banking and, according to “Financial Brand”, a survey of 100 global leaders in the financial services industry revealed that the top ten most influential voices in banking are:

  1. Brett King (@brettking), the author and founder of Moven.
  2. Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner), creator of the Financial Services Club.
  3. Jim Marous (@JimMarous), the publisher of Retail Banking Strategies.
  4. Ron Shevlin (@rshevlin), banking industry analyst with Cornerstone Advisors.
  5. Bradley Leimer (@leimer), head of innovation at Santander NA.
  6. David Birch (@dgwbirch), director of innovation at Consult Hyperion.
  7. J.P. Nicols (@JPNicols), founder of the Bank Innovators Council.
  8. Rob Findlay (@robfindlay), SVP experience design at DBS Bank.
  9. Sam Maule (@sammaule), manager at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group.
  10. Matteo Rizzi (@matteorizzi, co-founder of SWIFT’s Innotribe.

[From The Most Influential Voices in Banking]

Consult Hyperion’s understanding of the relationship between the emerging technology roadmap and the functions of banks in the changing economy means that they have been chosen to define, design, develop and deploy innovative solutions around the world. In banking, as in other sectors, this means that our client organisations can use of experience and perspective to make the right choices when it comes to investing in new products and services.