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Since the turn of the century, Consult Hyperion has been helping clients navigate the noise and the hype, allowing them to better understand the likely impact of technology driven change in their digital money and digital identity businesses. We do this through a regular focused analysis of the developing landscape – the Tech Watch.


The pace of change of the last decade in the evolution of digital businesses shows no sign of slowing down, especially new payment, identity and authentication technologies. The amount of articles and news reports can be overwhelming. Making sense of media noise, especially for time-pressured staff with day-to-day responsibilities, is very time consuming and means that distilling what are likely to be the most important elements wasteful across individuals in an organisation.

Consult Hyperion operate a tailored, bespoke service for individual clients that captures from the mass of news, only those elements that are most likely to have an impact on the short to mid-term trends affecting the client’s business. We call this service Tech Watch.

The key trends are considered from the point of view of the social drivers, changes in the regulatory and business landscape and the impact of emerging technologies:

•  Social – the drivers for services valued by consumers and merchants, which may, for example, increase in utility compared to existing offers or act to solve a specific need;

•  Regulatory – the impact of new regulation, or new interpretation of existing regulation, for services heavily influenced by regulators;

•  Business – the commercial drivers from client’ perspective within the services value chains;

•  Technology – the technology push or change that is influencing service providers’ development.

In any given month there will be collection of news items and articles that fit within this structure for the sectors or areas of focus for a client’s business. Tech Watch looks to report and assess the impact of these for the business focus, and importantly enable the principal themes to be tracked and monitored over time.

For example, for a payments and digital commerce focused business, articles may relate to emerging themes such as:

Regulatory impact:

•  PSD2 – the functional impact of the second Payment Services Direct (PSD2) in the European Union.

Business sectors:

•  Transit – the current impact and future potential for open-loop payment cards in urban and national transit;

•  Mobile Money – the impact of the current rollout of mobile money in emerging markets and potential cross-over with payment cards;

Emerging technologies:

•  User authentication evolution – how cardholder verification for payments (e.g. PINs, passwords, biometrics, one time codes and transaction tokenisation) has evolved and is likely to evolve;

•  Biometrics – a more in-depth focus on biometric techniques specifically, including benefits/drawback of different methods, particularly with the evolution of consumer access control on mobile;

•  Virtual reality – the trials and rollout of VR for commerce and payments, and the key retail sectors.

So, rather than capture all items that most affect a digital business, we make sure that our technology watch services are aligned with an organisation’s key goals.

The audience for this service is limited to internal staff, with perhaps key partners, as this helps the analysis to be as focused as possible.

Our Approach

Selected because of our specialised industry knowledge, relationships and core expertise, Consult Hyperion have undertaken a series of engagements with clients wishing to understand and explore the impact of emerging technologies on their digital business.

The Tech Watch is a periodic publication, normally monthly, that can be composed of one or both of two complementary sections.

These sections are:

•  An analysis of the key items generating the headlines;

•  An in-depth article for a topical subject, such as cryptocurrency or big data.

For the news analysis, Consult Hyperion monitors and collects the relevant news items over the month for the technologies, sectors and businesses for particular interest to the client. Near the end of the period, Consult Hyperion and client discuss the focus of Tech Watch for that period and slim down a long list into tightly focused set of the key articles.

Consult Hyperion look to include any commentary that the client wants to make on specific news items, in terms of their own activities. Commentary will be made on around an agreed number of news items with research undertaken into key facts to support the commentary.

An in-depth article (or Spotlight) will highlight and discuss a particular innovation and trend in the market place with the aim of informing and educating executives about emerging technologies, business practices or regulatory issues, and assessing how these may affect organisations such as the client.

Priorities for articles are discussed in advance, allowing some flexibility in the selection of the piece for the next Tech Watch edition. The articles can be a mixture of suggestions from Consult Hyperion and of specific interest to the client in that period.

The majority of a Tech Watch edition is compiled from secondary research of information from the public domain. This can be supplemented by telephone interviews with relevant key stakeholders known to Consult Hyperion. The interviews are used to confirm any assumptions used in the analysis.

Protecting confidentiality is of utmost importance to Consult Hyperion. Our analysis never includes information gathered by Consult Hyperion through our projects with other clients, without express permission. The information contained within a Tech Watch analysis is based on our interpretation of the information in the public domain and our experience of its potential impact over time, through many collective years of working on successful and, of equal importance, unsuccessful initiatives.

Example Clients

For our Tech Watch assignments, our clients can are from across the following roles:

•  Service providers – such as Barclaycard;

•  Technology companies and systems integrators – such as NTT Data;

•  Industry associations – such as the GSMA.

Why Consult Hyperion

Consult Hyperion has unique combination of skills, experience and insight into evolving digital money and digital identify fields. We are recognised thought leaders in these sectors and are independent of vendors and service providers.

Our expertise is built on real experience. We support the deployment of practical solutions using the most appropriate technologies and have globally recognised expertise at every step in the electronic transaction value chain, from authentication, access and networks, to transactional systems and applications.

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