Tomorrow’s Transactions is Consult Hyperion’s thought leadership brand for the future of secure retail electronic transactions, the interaction between people, technology and money. More specifically, the interaction between digital identity, digital networks and digital money.

Digital money is the virtualisation of money, moving commerce away from legacy tools like coinage, cheques and magnetic stripe cards to online, contactless and mobile
payments and beyond.

Digital identity is a complex area, ranging from online identifying and authentication technologies, ensuring that the user and network recognise each other, to the question of how user view themselves as online entities and behave online.

Digital networks, the Matrix, the Internet of Things or whatever you want to call them, create a new transaction space for people, companies and governments.


We are interested in digital networks, digital identities and digital money where they are put to use supporting retail electronic transactions, and here we focus on four specific areas where the nature of transactions is being changed at an amazing rate and where Consult Hyperion’s experiences from around the world help our customers to exploit new opportunities effectively. These are finance and banking, telecommunications and media, retail and transport, public sector and NGOs.

You can share in our thought leadership conversation by reading and commenting on our Tomorrow’s Transactions blog, by listening to our Tomorrow’s Transactions podcasts and by attending our annual Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum held in London every spring.

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