Consult Hyperion’s 21st Annual Forum

24 – 25th April 2018, The Tower of London

Tomorrow’s Transactions is turning 21! And we’re celebrating the birthday in historic surroundings at the Tower of London. It’s always a great opportunity to look back at the lessons that have been learned across the past decades and cast an eye out to the future – where will technology and regulation take our world of transactions?

Our speakers and panellists will inject expertise, experience and perspective into the event and help us all to come away with new ideas and new contacts. As always, the Forum will be limited to 100 places to ensure that it is an environment that encourages interaction and discussion.

All delegates will receive a guided tour of the Tower of London.

Early Bird tickets are available until Thursday 15th February, 2018 – register for the event here.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or speaking, please contact Jessica Mastromarco, Event Organiser.

Beyond this annual event, the debate continues at our “Tomorrow’s Transactions” blog where thought leadership on digital money and digital identity is combined with comment and practical reflection, and our “Tomorrow’s Transactions” podcast series (also available via iTunes).


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