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Consult Hyperion have teamed up with The Payment Business School to bring you a series of training workshops that will help you understand the world of digital money and digital identity.

Through practical, impartial and real-world content/ exercises we will teach you the business concepts and models, along with the technologies, that will help you understand and manage all stages in implementing tomorrow’s transactions.

Understanding the Blockchain

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How do digital currencies work? What is the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain? What impact will they have on retail banking and payments? What are its non-financial uses? Designed for those that need an easy-to-understand introduction into the subject this one workshop will answer these questions.

Mobile and Cloud-Based Payments

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The promise of mobile and cloud-based payments is now becoming a reality. Mobile contactless payments are maturing in multiple markets and new developments are breaking through such as the launch of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

This one day workshop will enable you to understand how the underlying technologies that are making this happen, the differences between Secure Element (SE) and Host Card Emulation (HCE), the importance of tokenisation and credential management, along with the impact and considerations for launching your mobile and cloud-based payment services.

The World of Acceptance and mPOS

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Understanding the business model of Acquiring and acceptance is critical to an overall understanding of the payment ecosystem. ‘The World of Payment Acceptance and mPOS’ is a comprehensive fast-track programme that helps your staff understand all the essential aspects of today’s acquiring business.
Cash-Based Transfer Programmes

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Cash based interventions play an important role in supporting humanitarian and aid operations throughout the world, providing valuable protection and assistance to those that most need it. There are many approaches to successful cash based transfer programmes, and this workshop will help you understand the key considerations in implementing these in a low cost and value adding way.

Digital Identity and Authentication

In a digitally connected world, how we transact is changing. Traditional ways of identification and verfication are becoming outdated, creating concerns over fraud and trust. Balancing these concerns, data management, privacy, consumer interests and on-boarding processes present challenges however. This Workshop will show you how to overcome these and provide a comprehensive understanding on how your business can take advantage of the world’s future currency – identity.

For more information, please contact Sam Coultrip on 01483 301 793.

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We help our clients bridge the gap between business and technology by providing practical, impartial advice at all stages in a project life cycle, from the conceptual
phase through to completion. We help organisations evaluate, prototype and design new business concepts, develop new products and services and test and certify complex systems using advanced techniques and fully-automated robotic test management.

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