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“Surviving #Cardmageddon” Webinar


Cards are about to start losing volume to instant payments; what strategies should stakeholders adopt?

This webinar takes a peek at the post-card payments world because at some point in the imaginable future, mobile device “tap and pay,” smartphone “app and pay,” biometrics and new ways to pay will together exceed EMV or magnetic stripe transactions at retail point of sale (POS). At this point (the plastic singularity or, as we prefer, #Cardmaggedon), not only the plastic card but card products will begin their slide into history.

European forecasts are for instant payments to take more than a third of card volume over the next decade, and this will undoubtedly mean restructuring and consolidation as the economics of card networks change. Many observers saw Mastercard’s $1 billion purchase of the UK instant payment network operator VocaLink as confirmation that new strategies will be needed.

Panelists’s include global fintech influencer Dave Birch, Global Ambassador at Consult Hyperion, payments experts Gene Neyer of Finastra and Deborah Baxley of PayGility Advisors who will set out the issues and make suggestions about what this transition means for banks, retailers, regulators and other stakeholders. Hear what the U.S. Federal Reserve Faster Payment taskforce recommended.

Discussions will continue at Consult Hyperion/NYPAY’s Annual Unconference being held in NYC on 11th September 2017

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