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Visa Europe Mobile Payment Gateway Test Platform


When Visa Europe developed its mobile payment gateway solution to enable issuers to update its mobile payment applications over the air, it needed a way to be able to quickly test that the mobile payment software developed by its issuers worked correctly with its solution.

Consult Hyperion rapidly developed and deployed a solution that enabled Visa Europe to carry out the testing that they needed.


As functionality is added to payment applications, (such as data storage) issuer updates become more important. Issuer updates are traditionally delivered during a contact payment transaction. However, as mobile devices only support contactless payment, sending issuer updates to these devices requires a new approach. As mobile devices are capable of over the air (OTA) communications, this is a channel over which issuer updates can be sent in a frictionless way, without impacting the payment experience.

A network mobile payment gateway enables issuers to provide OTA updates to its mobile payment applications without having itself to make a significant investment. To do this, the mobile payment gateway must be able to securely deliver issuer updates to the correct mobile device.

When Visa Europe developed its mobile payment gateway, it needed a way to quickly test issuers’ mobile payment applications in a flexible environment executing a range of test cases to ensure that the mobile payment applications are compliant with the specifications and work correctly with the mobile payment gateway.

Our Approach

Hyperlab is Consult Hyperion’s software development, testing, and certification studio. Hyperlab worked with Visa Europe to determine how the test mobile payment gateway would simulate creating secure sessions and send issuer update messages to issuer mobile payment applications. This verifies that an issuer’s payment application functions in compliance with the specifications.

Hyperlab used its extensive development experience, and experience of mobile solutions, EMV and payment network technology, to determine the design, and then build a solution that would simulate secure interaction with mobile payment applications using test keys to deliver issuer updates in a way that mirrored the production Visa Europe mobile payment gateway and its interactions with Visa Europe’s network of issuers. This required a detailed understanding of a number of important areas including key management, encryption, EMV, mobile and Visa Europe network specifications.

Continuous collaboration with Visa Europe through frequent reviews and demos ensured that the solution that was being built fulfilled the needs of Visa Europe.

The Solution

Consult Hyperion developed and deployed a solution that simulates the functionality of several parts of the Visa Europe network to deliver a complete solution in a single platform to enable issuers’ to test the capability of their mobile payment applications to receive issuer updates. By simulating all of the necessary business logic in a single platform, our solution enables Visa Europe to quickly set-up and run test cases. The solution works independently of the Visa network and is consequently straightforward to deploy and use.

The solution enables the following interactions to be executed:

• A mobile device under test requests an update from the test mobile gateway

• The test platform builds an issuer update by simulating the business logic of the Issuer’s host and Visa Europe’s authorisation system

• The test mobile gateway sends the update scripts to the mobile device under test

• The test platform logs the result

• The test platform logs the result

Visa Gateway

The types of update scripts supported are:

• Passcode unblock

• Application block

• Application unblock

• Top-up

• Custom scripts

The following features of the test platform enable comprehensive testing to be executed:

• Concurrent mobile sessions

• Secure session management

• Configurable session timeout period

• Multiple issuer key versions per BIN

• Configurable secure session keys

• Configurable issuer scripts

• Invalid scripts

• Issuer Update request messages

• Issuer Update response messages

• Comprehensive logging

Why Consult Hyperion?

Consult Hyperion was able to provide a unique combination of skills and experience in requirements gathering, understanding of mobile payments, payment network protocols and certification to determine the optimal solution for Visa Europe. Our Hyperlab software studio was able to use its experience of application, mobile and web development to quickly develop and deploy a robust solution that enables Visa Europe to test that issuers’ mobile payment devices work correctly.

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